Saturday, June 22, 2013

April 4, 2013- Accident Report

Perhaps I should start filing these somewhere.
Here is my current "accident report:" Since my shoulder has been healing slowly, as do all such tendon injuries, I haven't been able to drive. It's been 5 weeks so far. In the beginning it just about killed me not to be able to just hop in the car and go places. Now, I'm used to it and have enjoyed knowing that I have no pressure to go anywhere. My shoulder is still sore some mornings and when I've done too much. We said "let's wait until 6 weeks and see." The swelling is gone but the site of injury lump is still there. I figure it might just stay there as scar tissue or whatever. So, I'm on the mend and thought I am so much closer to being able to do all my work myself and go to the grocery store whenever I need to by driving myself, etc... Not so fast. As I was rearranging the fire this morning, some of the coals started popping, so I started to shut the door to the woodstove. Some popped onto my clothes so I quickly reached to put it out. I looked up and more popped onto me including the corner of my eye. Yes, I have burnt myself in such a weird way! I say all this to introduce myself: Hi, I'm Angela and I'm accident prone. When some dangerous thing needs doing, I'm the one who does it. Leave me to myself in safety, and we might need a trip to the ER.