Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watching Jasmine grow up

My sweet Jasmine is 18! Where has the time gone??  I couldn't decide on one picture, so I hope you enjoy the many faces of Jasmine as much as I do!!

We were not much older than Jasmine here.      
6 1/2 months along

3 day old Jasmine and Meme

Daddy reading to Jasmine. She has always loved books. 

With aunt Wendy

With Nana

With Pappy

Meeting Miriam!!

Typical Saturday morning

Uncle Alex caught a fish!

with Meme


Flower girls

At Grandfather mountain with Noah, Joey, and Miriam

Prairie Days!

A fun game of Hobo at Daniel Boone Gardens!

South of Saratoga

with Nana

Spring snow in Boone

Arrrrrrr!! Pirate!

Willie Wonka the dog

with Bo the dog

Fun games with Heritage Homeschoolers!

Drama Camp

With Bethany

50's Dance

With Erika, Miriam, and MacKenzie




WIth Joey

Chicken Whisperer!!








All stitched up!

Walking Dead party

Frolicking Friday!

With Elisabeth and the Doctor

With Ashton

Graduation body guards Loren and Tylor

Getting diploma with Daddy

With Miriam, Paige, Jackson, and Kesha on a rainy day

With Caleb and Erika at the Gillespie's Farm

They dressed up for my own birthday: Miriam, Katie, and Jasmine

Last day being 17. 

I hope you have enjoyed watching Jasmine grow up as much as I have!