Saturday, November 30, 2013


Here I am at 40, looking to see what kind of person I am.

For several days, I've been reading Exodus 28:3 which states:

(The Scriptures 1998 version) "And you, speak to all the wise of heat, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom,, and they shall make the garments of Aharon, to set him apart, for him to serve as priest to Me."

and again (The Complete Jewish Bible) "Speak to all the craftsmen to whom I have given the spirit of wisdom, and have them make Aharon's garments to set him apart for me, so that he can serve me in the office of cohen."

So, I have been praying and thinking about the gifts YHWH gives to people that we call talents. I love all kinds of crafty things, so I wondered if perhaps I had been given "the spirit of wisdom" in one area or another.

Sometimes I fancy myself to be a master at baking.

I love to bake good things. I regularly bake bread for my family, but my husband's favorite is pie of just about any kind.

Other times I think of myself as an expert at all things with a needle and thread, like sewing and quilting.

I have even taught knitting to other people!!

For a long time I thought of myself as a purist, doing things that were done in the past with the relish that it somehow connected me to women over history! I have hung my laundry out in an attempt to save the fabric from faster deterioration in the dryer as well as save money on electricity. I have gardened, made jelly out of flower petals or whatever I had on hand, cooked in the wood stove when the power is out, used cloth napkins and all sorts of non-paper items to save and perhaps waste less. I made laundry soap for a good many years, gather herbs from the field, yard, and woods as they become available to make medicine and food. I prune our fruit trees over winter, and we heat primarily with wood, often from our own woods. I have spun wool into yarn, made prairie bonnets, and carried a basket to market to bring home fresh produce. I have a perpetual bone broth going in a slow cooker, draw water for drinking and cooking when the weather forecast is for cold and snow. I make alterations to clothing, count my pennies and store that little bit of money for a rainy day. I make salves, oils, and poultices for healing. I care for our animals, read the scripture, stay up late at night talking to teenagers about favorite music, feelings, and plans for the future. I put wood on the fire on really cold nights in the middle of the night, etc.....

I do all kinds of things that are crafty and most are done for practical reasons. Does that make me wise in an area?

The very day I realized I was "stuck" on this passage (just before the description of Aharon's clothing), my Honey brought home some cushions from work that had a few burns in them and asked me to fix them. The very next day, a friend's daughter asked me if I could take up a skirt for her that she'd gotten a great deal on but it just was a little large. Of course I *can* do these things and I do love to do them,, but does that mean I have the "spirit of wisdom" about these particular things?

I talked to my Honey about this last night. He suggested that since I've been praying and pondering and had been brought two different things that have to do with it that it is very possible that YHWH did give me wisdom in this area, but he also suggested something else:


I had been working often from my own ability, with my own thoughts towards my talents. He said that perhaps YHWH has given me the spirit of wisdom in many areas that seem like crafty things, but that they have a higher purpose than just because. It is never to stroke our own egos when He gives us a thing whether that be offspring, material things, or talents! So what then has he given me these abilities and desires for? Because I'm a housewife.

No, I didn't make a mistake. I was made a housewife by the Creator of the Universe. In case you don't know what all that means let me give you what wipkipedia has to say about that:

housewife is a woman whose main occupation is running or managing the family's home—caring for and educating her childrencooking and storing food, buying goods the family needs in day to day life, cleaning and maintaining the home, making clothes for the family, etc.—and who is generally not employed outside the home.[1] Merriam Webster describes a housewife as a married woman who is in charge of her household.

Here is what YHWH has to say about this too...

ADONAI, God, said, "It isn't good that the person should be alone. I will make for him a companion suitable for helping him." Gen. 2:18 (CJB)
and also there's the Proverb's 31 woman who can be read about here.

YHWH has a plan for a housewife. He gives each of us - human beings- the "spirit of wisdom" in whatever capacity He wants to give and puts us each where we can use those gifts to glorify Him and serve others.

Today's Torah portion was about Yosef and his rise to a position of power from the lowly dungeon in Egypt to just below Pharaoh with no one more powerful. YHWH had brought him to Mitzrayim (aka-Egypt) and had given him the ability to interpret dreams and to have dreams of prophecy from boyhood! His dream of his brothers bowing to him is one of the things that caused him to be hated among his brothers and thus, what ended up saving his whole family during a time of famine! Of course, when he was imprisoned from being falsely accused by Potifar's wife of trying to seduce her (even though the opposie was true), he probably wasn't thinking he had any way of being more than a prisoner then. You can read about it here. Yosef was in a position of service, first as a slave, then as a prisoner! He served YHWH under Pharaoh to save the offspring of Abraham! His path was set for him and we read it as history now.

My path, I'm sure YHWH knows already, but it's not history yet. I will attempt to love with all my heart, strength and mind the God of the universe, who saved me with the life's blood of His only begotten son Yahoshua, as a housewife.