Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Been a long time

Does everyone forget about their blog? Well, not forget but think "I will do it this week" and then months and months pass and it hasn't been done because life has been happening. Well, at least that is what has happened to me. So, I will play catch up.

Last April towards the end of the month, my mother had a massive heart attack followed by a helicopter ride to a larger hospital and three stints placed in her to keep her arteries open. She spent a month nearly in the hospital and a week in a nursing home for rehab. Miriam and I went every day over to the hospital to help out.

Mom got to come home even though she had tons of medicine and pneumonia. We are all very grateful to YHWH for that! What a miracle it has been to watch her get stronger and better!!

Once Mom was going to be released from the hospital, we took a trip to see my brother who just had his first child the week before. What a wonderful time we had! And of course became and aunt again! 
Miriam and Walt

Me and Walt

The family visit. Alex, Shannon, Walt, me, Miriam, Jasmine, Roman, and Jesse.

It was a great time. Miriam decided to stay and help out around the house for my brother and Shannon. She stayed for 2 weeks. The next time I saw her it was her birthday and I had just completed a Nazarite vow. 

It was June and we had a good summer. July came and so did Jesse's brother Josh. He asked Miriam out on a date to go fishing. Lots of fun and family gatherings happened over the summer.

The Charles' came to visit 

Miriam and Josh had a date

Many of the Schools kids came over

Miriam even did a color run towards the end of July. Overall we had a busy summer!!

Jasmine, Roman, Jesse, Josh, Miriam, and Sharon

New Moon celebration! We blew the shofar! :) 

By September Miriam and Josh got engaged. See that pretty pearl ring? 
Meme came over for a little visit.

Miriam and Josh got married September 17. It was lovely! How cool is it that my girls married brothers??!!

So now they live just down the road. That is a real blessing to have them and to have Jasmine and Jesse and Roman right here. I praise YHWH for all these wonderful things! And blessings upon blessing! Jesse and Josh's parents live only a few minutes drive away! We love having them so close. :) 

Life continued on like it normally does. The Charles' came back down at the end of December. That was a great visit! I think Noah and Dawson are probably friend for life now. 
playing video games

video games

hanging out in the kitchen

Being sill in the living room

Jill had her babies on a night before the nasty weather came. It was a little cold but not too bad. 
one of two baby girls

snow is coming

My Mom ended up going to the hospital again. This time it was because she had been throwing up blood. They determined after a few days stay that it was associated with her gall bladder. She is scheduled to have that out next week. She was in ICU so primarily it was me, Dad, and Miriam to be with her. 
waiting for a procedure to be done

Me, my beautiful mama, and Miriam

Well, here we are to now. Life is happening at the speed of...well, life really. Seems like there is never a dull moment. In between all of these adventures I knit and sew and quilt and bake and you know, basic housewife stuff. I love that too. Not sure anyone wants to see pictures of our dishes being washed though. Maybe tomorrow I will post more. For now I leave you with a fantastic picture of two of my favorite men....