Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some work around the house today

Sometimes you just want a nice hot stew or even a simple broth to have on a cold winter day. Today is such a day for me, so I am making bone broth.

 I have chicken backs I got from New Life Farm. These are excellent for making broth and they are a very nice family. :)

I start my broth by adding a little olive oil to the pot and sauteing some onions, a few cloves of garlic, throw in whole black peppercorns, bay, thyme, or whatever I have on hand at the time. This was today.

I have also thrown in nettles, echinacea, or other herbs depending on what I want to accomplish with my broth. There are so many herbs to pick from.

After making sure to gently cook the herbs and spices, I add the chicken. Sometimes I only have bones if we have roasted one, so I throw those in there, but today it was a chicken back with plenty of meat still on it. I gently sear the outside, add a little salt,then add water to cover it. In this case it's to the top. I bring it to a boil then turn it as low as possible and still simmer with the lid on. I will wait a few hours then strain the broth and add it back to a pot or even slow cooker. I really want to get the meat off the bones so I'll do that. Then I put the bones into the slow cooker and add some apple cider vinegar and put it on low to cook the rest of the week, getting out what I need and replacing with water as needed. Sometimes I will put in some other veggies if we have eaten them or even the scrubbed skins of the veggies (only if they are organic and washed well). It lasts us all week. Today I hope to make some egg drop soup as well from it. 

Speaking of Apple Cider Vinegar, I am making some more today. These are apple peels and cores I saved in the freezer from our apples. I knew I would want to make something from them, but I wasn't sure. I'm leaving them out to oxidize then I will cover them with water and a little honey maybe. Before i just used water. We'll see when they are a little more brown. 

Here is the results of making ACV last time. This is all that is left. It's quite mild. I suspect I should have let the peels spend more time in the open air! 

Here is a picture of one of my favorite things in the kitchen. My Honey built me this to store my cast iron. It used to fit it all but my Mom gave me hers as they don't use it anymore. Some of it was my great-great-aunt's that was found in my parents house when they moved there. I will use it as long as I can!

This is desem. Well it's the flour the desem is in. You know the parable Yeshua tells of how heaven is like where a woman took a little leaven and hid it in flour? This type of bread reminds me of that. The ingredients are: water and flour. That's it. Actually it's just a little bit of each, until it's kneadable then it's kneaded about 10 minutes and hidden in the bowl of flour and covered (just to keep critters out) and put in a cool place. It's like sourdough in the end except it relies on cooler temperatures. I have a jar of sourdough going in a warm place but since my house has a wide range of temperatures, I make both! Anyway, after about a week to ten days it's ready to be kneaded up with a little salt int he flour and shaped into a loaf, let rise and cooked. The key to keeping this going is to leave a little "lump" hidden in the flour and to feed it regularly. It's really very delicious! Last time I regularly made it it took about a month to have a strong sourdough flavor. And like with every naturally raised dough, it takes time. 

Well, after all this cooking, there is a mess to clean up. We made some un-paper towels last week. I just got really tired of looking at ugly cleaning rags made from old towels so I made them pretty. It was super easy. :) LIke making a pillowcase, but sewing up the 4th side after turning. I made an "X" in each square (they are made of rectangles) just for some stability for the pretty fabric so it doesn't fall apart. We have used them plenty since making them!

Well, that's about all there is to tell about today's work. Oh, there's laundry and the regular cleaning and getting in wood, etc... too but I didn't think you'd want to read about that.  Hope you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Worshiping YHWH or something else?

During this time of year, many Christian's hearts turn towards decorating, wrapping, purchasing, baking goodies, and bringing a tree inside to have as the focal point to a holiday that is anything but holy unto YHWH. Rather than go into detail myself on that topic, I'll let the folks at 119 Ministries explain on Sunburned. Watch the whole thing and then judge.

Now, on to my point of all of this:

Last night I dreamed of the "grace only" trap. I could see that the "the law is nailed to the cross grace only please" really is a licence to sin. Oh, it sounds so very good to hear you could just throw out all of the first part of the Bible and live only within the pages of the last part, but really it is not possible because you'll really never know 1-the God you claim to worship, 2-what sin actually is and thereby it will become preferences rather than really sins, and 3- in order to comply with your chosen church's standards, you'll of course have to be in regular attendance, hear and learn what is taught there and never pick up your Bible to read it for yourself other than to just stick with the familiar passages taught from the highly educated preacher, which he learned from seminary, but likely not from the Bible itself.

In the dream there were people falling into the ground and being held just underground in a net by these little goblin looking creatures. It was really rather cartoon like and for a few moments I felt entertained. The people in the nets were lulled to sleep. If one would start to awaken, they would be attended and lulled back to sleep with many theological sounding words...the kind that need to be defined for most folks. They were asleep, convinced that their preachers had taught them rightly and therefore didn't have any responsibility to learn anything on their own.

I heard this" Sin cannot be redeemed. Sinners are redeemed. Days and practices are not redeemable, only people are."

Sin cannot be redeemed. Days and practices cannot be redeemed. Only people can be redeemed.

verb: redeem; 3rd person present: redeems; past tense: redeemed; past participle:redeemed; gerund or present participle: redeeming
  1. 1.
    compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).
    "a disappointing debate redeemed only by an outstanding speech"
    synonyms:save, compensate for the defects of, vindicate More
    • do something that compensates for poor past performance or behavior.
      "they redeemed themselves in the playoffs by pushing the Detroit Red Wings to a seventh and deciding game"
      synonyms:vindicate, free from blame, absolve More
    • (of a person) atone or make amends for (error or evil).
      "the thief on the cross who by a single act redeemed a life of evil"
      synonyms:atone for, make amends for, make restitution for More
    • save (someone) from sin, error, or evil.
      "he was a sinner, redeemed by the grace of God"
      synonyms:save, deliver from sin, convert More
  2. 2.
    gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment.
    "his best suit had been redeemed from the pawnbrokers"
    synonyms:retrieveregainrecover, get back, reclaimrepossessMore
      repay (a stock, bond, or other instrument) at the maturity date.
    • exchange (a coupon, voucher, or trading stamp) for merchandise, a discount, or money.
      synonyms:exchange, give in exchange, cash in, convert, trade in More
    • pay the necessary money to clear (a debt).
      "owners were unable to redeem their mortgages"
      synonyms:pay off/back, cleardischargehonor More
    • fulfill or carry out (a pledge or promise).
      "the party prepared to redeem the pledges of the past three years"
      synonyms:fulfill, carry out, discharge, make good; More
    • archaicbuy the freedom of.

I highlighted certain words in this definition to pay special attention to.

We all really know what "to redeem" means. We sing "I know my redeemer lives." If we haven't thrown out the first part (First covenant we can call it) we have read the story of Ruth and how the right to the land and responsibility to marry Ruth and provide offspring to Naomi's dead husband is done by a kinsman redeemer. In this case it was Boaz. In fact, looking up the word "redeem" brings up many different passages in scripture with that term.  In fact, nowhere have I personally seen that a pagan ritual or pagan utensils for worshiping or pagan holidays have been redeemed. Go ahead and read the law- was inflicting wounds on oneself for the dead a redeemed practice? How about temple prostitution? Child sacrifice? Has witchcraft been redeemed or talking to familiar spirits? What about having tiki gods in the back yard? Rubbing the Buddha belly for luck? What about talisman and charms? Yule log, mistletoe, and wreath: all symbols of fertility rites? How can these be "redeemed" by changing the name of it? How can any of these be made holy when they belong to paganism which is directly against YHWH's very word? Lest we say "we have Jesus now" remember John 1- Yahshua IS the word of YHWH! He's the living, breathing, walking around Torah!!! He shows this to us by telling us he came to fulfill the Torah. (Here, in the Expanded version, you can see "Teachings" means instructions, and law. In the CJV you see the word Torah instead here.) So, how can you tell me that the practices, symbols, and rituals of pagans can be redeemed when the scripture doesn't bear that out? In fact the opposite is true. Think about it for yourself! Read it without the voice of the preacher (The changing of words to mean one thing or another....lulling people to sleep with those many theological words) in your head. YHWH's Word says this is simple, and not too hard for any of us to do. It's the very family we have been grafted into- this is the way the Father of the family wants His children to walk! Don't let some other person convice you that times are different now, because God isn't different. Don't let people steal your joy at loving Him. He doesn't tell us to justify worshiping Him in some pagan way, but tells us exactly what to do in order to love Him! Look at the history of the things you do to "worship" Him and you'll see, it's a nasty thing to bring all these fertility symbols into your home, set them up, and then claim to be worshiping or even acknowledging Yahshua, the savior of our souls.... if he is Lord of our lives, then let Him be that! Let His WHOLE word dictate your life, rather than letting tradition and some person convince you that it's alright to worship in any old way. He has given us many Holy-days to enjoy....and they are HIS holy days. If you are a follower of Yahshua, only begotten Son of YHWH the only trus and living God, Creator of the universe then you have an obligation to act like a child of His and do what the family is supposed to do! He has days set aside that are specific! If you don't know about them, ask someone who can help you- that is not likely to be the same preacher who led you down the "bring paganism into my home and lie to my children for the good of the lord" guy. Time is so very short.... do not stay asleep!

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Here I am at 40, looking to see what kind of person I am.

For several days, I've been reading Exodus 28:3 which states:

(The Scriptures 1998 version) "And you, speak to all the wise of heat, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom,, and they shall make the garments of Aharon, to set him apart, for him to serve as priest to Me."

and again (The Complete Jewish Bible) "Speak to all the craftsmen to whom I have given the spirit of wisdom, and have them make Aharon's garments to set him apart for me, so that he can serve me in the office of cohen."

So, I have been praying and thinking about the gifts YHWH gives to people that we call talents. I love all kinds of crafty things, so I wondered if perhaps I had been given "the spirit of wisdom" in one area or another.

Sometimes I fancy myself to be a master at baking.

I love to bake good things. I regularly bake bread for my family, but my husband's favorite is pie of just about any kind.

Other times I think of myself as an expert at all things with a needle and thread, like sewing and quilting.

I have even taught knitting to other people!!

For a long time I thought of myself as a purist, doing things that were done in the past with the relish that it somehow connected me to women over history! I have hung my laundry out in an attempt to save the fabric from faster deterioration in the dryer as well as save money on electricity. I have gardened, made jelly out of flower petals or whatever I had on hand, cooked in the wood stove when the power is out, used cloth napkins and all sorts of non-paper items to save and perhaps waste less. I made laundry soap for a good many years, gather herbs from the field, yard, and woods as they become available to make medicine and food. I prune our fruit trees over winter, and we heat primarily with wood, often from our own woods. I have spun wool into yarn, made prairie bonnets, and carried a basket to market to bring home fresh produce. I have a perpetual bone broth going in a slow cooker, draw water for drinking and cooking when the weather forecast is for cold and snow. I make alterations to clothing, count my pennies and store that little bit of money for a rainy day. I make salves, oils, and poultices for healing. I care for our animals, read the scripture, stay up late at night talking to teenagers about favorite music, feelings, and plans for the future. I put wood on the fire on really cold nights in the middle of the night, etc.....

I do all kinds of things that are crafty and most are done for practical reasons. Does that make me wise in an area?

The very day I realized I was "stuck" on this passage (just before the description of Aharon's clothing), my Honey brought home some cushions from work that had a few burns in them and asked me to fix them. The very next day, a friend's daughter asked me if I could take up a skirt for her that she'd gotten a great deal on but it just was a little large. Of course I *can* do these things and I do love to do them,, but does that mean I have the "spirit of wisdom" about these particular things?

I talked to my Honey about this last night. He suggested that since I've been praying and pondering and had been brought two different things that have to do with it that it is very possible that YHWH did give me wisdom in this area, but he also suggested something else:


I had been working often from my own ability, with my own thoughts towards my talents. He said that perhaps YHWH has given me the spirit of wisdom in many areas that seem like crafty things, but that they have a higher purpose than just because. It is never to stroke our own egos when He gives us a thing whether that be offspring, material things, or talents! So what then has he given me these abilities and desires for? Because I'm a housewife.

No, I didn't make a mistake. I was made a housewife by the Creator of the Universe. In case you don't know what all that means let me give you what wipkipedia has to say about that:

housewife is a woman whose main occupation is running or managing the family's home—caring for and educating her childrencooking and storing food, buying goods the family needs in day to day life, cleaning and maintaining the home, making clothes for the family, etc.—and who is generally not employed outside the home.[1] Merriam Webster describes a housewife as a married woman who is in charge of her household.

Here is what YHWH has to say about this too...

ADONAI, God, said, "It isn't good that the person should be alone. I will make for him a companion suitable for helping him." Gen. 2:18 (CJB)
and also there's the Proverb's 31 woman who can be read about here.

YHWH has a plan for a housewife. He gives each of us - human beings- the "spirit of wisdom" in whatever capacity He wants to give and puts us each where we can use those gifts to glorify Him and serve others.

Today's Torah portion was about Yosef and his rise to a position of power from the lowly dungeon in Egypt to just below Pharaoh with no one more powerful. YHWH had brought him to Mitzrayim (aka-Egypt) and had given him the ability to interpret dreams and to have dreams of prophecy from boyhood! His dream of his brothers bowing to him is one of the things that caused him to be hated among his brothers and thus, what ended up saving his whole family during a time of famine! Of course, when he was imprisoned from being falsely accused by Potifar's wife of trying to seduce her (even though the opposie was true), he probably wasn't thinking he had any way of being more than a prisoner then. You can read about it here. Yosef was in a position of service, first as a slave, then as a prisoner! He served YHWH under Pharaoh to save the offspring of Abraham! His path was set for him and we read it as history now.

My path, I'm sure YHWH knows already, but it's not history yet. I will attempt to love with all my heart, strength and mind the God of the universe, who saved me with the life's blood of His only begotten son Yahoshua, as a housewife.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

From Fearful to Freedom

My girls and my Honey have gone to the movies this morning and left me at home with chores and my own thoughts. This morning after they left I was thinking of this: 

"Fearing human beings is a snare; but he who trusts in Adonai will be raised high [above danger]." ~Proverbs 29:25

It brought to mind some of the abusive things that happened in my childhood. Not from my parents but extended family and neighbors. Perhaps you've heard of this "new" game called "The knockout game." I can assure you, it's nothing new. When I was a kid, riding on the school bus, many of the children who got on in my neighborhood played a variation of this game. They would pick one white kid, who sat as close to the bus driver as possible, and start hitting him or her. Mostly it was girls who participated in this game. We were the last kids to get on then there was a short 2 mile ride to school, but it was the most terrifying ride! They walked up and down the isle of the bus taking turns hitting with open hands, fists, books, whatever, with complete immunity! The bus driver would occasionally say it wasn't safe to be walking around so the next day the black kids would spread out and take a seat each so there was no getting away for the few white kids who rode the bus. I wasn't a "white kid" but my Mom is white and even though most of these black boys and girls were my cousins, I was not immune to their taunts. I spent many mornings fearful of the ride to school, the sitting int he cafeteria before the bell rang, the chaos these kids could just get away with because they were black in a small predominately white school. No one was safe and the teachers always turned a blind eye to what they did to other students because they feared being called "racist" and loosing their jobs! This was the 1980's. It wasn't all the black kids, but a vast majority of them. There were very few who would not participate on the school bus, but some who had white friends at school would act like they didn't know the most rowdy ones once we got to school. This, sadly, was not the beginning of my fear, but added to it daily. 

The first time I remember being singled out was a day that most of the kids from my neighborhood were sick so they weren't there. There was one girl in particular who, though a few years younger than me, was always at least as tall as I was, for I was short. I had worn a dress to school that my Dad bought me as a surprise. It was so lovely! I was so excited to wear it to school! I didn't really have many friends there, but I wanted to feel pretty and not be just another kid in jeans and an old t-shirt. We were not exactly dirt poor, but we were not that well off and the town school I went to was full of kids who's parents were doctors and college professors. Having new clothes were a really big deal. It wasn't even my birthday or anything! He bought it for me just because he loved me! I got on the bus and this one girl said to me "Who are you supposed to be? Who do you think you are in that dress?" Now, there weren't very many other kids from that "mean" group of kids, so only one or two others jeered. She just kept on talking about it ALL THE WAY TO SCHOOL. I sat about two seats back from the very front that day and slumped down as far as I could in my seat making it harder for anyone to hit me just in case anyone came forward to do so. No one did. I never wore that dress again. I never wore any dress again for many years. I still had so many years growing up in that neighborhood that I felt I could never take that chance again. 
I was thrilled one year because there were more white kids on our bus than black kids and whatever mayhem happened was in the back of the bus in only about 2 or 3 seats. There were many fights among that group of kids.  Once, my Grandpa was in traffic behind the school bus and one of my cousins, who usually ran with that group of kids, but because they could not openly pick on white kids (there were so very many more of them) they picked on her. I was sitting up close again to the front. I felt that knot in my empty stomach- the one that would cause me not to eat breakfast at school and nothing at home because I was so afraid of getting hit and throwing up or something like that- and before too much could happen, my Grandpa flagged down the bus, which pulled over, got on and told those kids he was going to tell their parents, got her off the bus and took her on to school. He didn't take me or the few other cousins who sat int he front. The rest of the ride the kids from the back called him "Cricket"" as in Jiminy Cricket, the voice of conscience for Pinocchio. Never to his face, but for many years to come, that was what people called him behind his back and especially to us, his grandchildren. 

Many years have passed and I still have that feeling in the pit of my stomach, even as I write this! Once I was in high school I tried to be as tough as possible, but inside I was still afraid of what people thought of me. I would do bold and terrible things to "prove" I was not fearful, but there it was. It was the snare- the trap- the thing that kept me going and running as hard as I could into wild things as proof that it did not have a hold of me. But guess what? It completely did. The very snare I was caught in was the fight, the sinning as bad as possible, the overdoing bravado to show my "strength." I have also learned that all black folks aren't like that. I have seen that some white folks are just as bad. I have learned that everyone has a story- something that drives them to do what they do. Many of those kids have stories too. While they have reunions and fond memories of that time in life, I have no desire to revisit any of that. I don't hate them. I pity many of them. I have seen where they went with their meanness and anger. It's not a good place. But we all can have the same joy and freedom in Yeshua for free! We don't have to "fight" for it. 

Here 30 years later, where YHWH has brought me to a place where I not only own dresses, but that's all I have, where I wear a head covering much of the time, and wear tassels which of course make me stand out like a sore thumb, here I make excuses for following after His ways to people because I am fearful of their opinions. I have been called Judaizer, discussed on other facebook walls, blogged about without actually calling me by name but the subject was something from posts of my own within a short amount of time, all by people I have considered friends and some I have even looked up to for other reasons. We homeschool and live in a small pro- public school community. We have taught our girls not to be perpetual girlfriends as some boys want and as such, they have committed to not dating. All of these "weird" things that make us stand out..... they are hard. I trust in YHWH, that He knows what He is doing when He has called us out to be a peculiar people, set apart from everyone else. Walking down memory lane this morning has been hard. I have cried at my own lack of trust in Him to deliver me from my enemies when I was young. I didn't understand that then, but now I see it. I am not bound by any of that and am made a new creation in the Messiah! Old things- including these things- are dead and now I am free to live new to Him! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Watching Jasmine grow up

My sweet Jasmine is 18! Where has the time gone??  I couldn't decide on one picture, so I hope you enjoy the many faces of Jasmine as much as I do!!

We were not much older than Jasmine here.      
6 1/2 months along

3 day old Jasmine and Meme

Daddy reading to Jasmine. She has always loved books. 

With aunt Wendy

With Nana

With Pappy

Meeting Miriam!!

Typical Saturday morning

Uncle Alex caught a fish!

with Meme


Flower girls

At Grandfather mountain with Noah, Joey, and Miriam

Prairie Days!

A fun game of Hobo at Daniel Boone Gardens!

South of Saratoga

with Nana

Spring snow in Boone

Arrrrrrr!! Pirate!

Willie Wonka the dog

with Bo the dog

Fun games with Heritage Homeschoolers!

Drama Camp

With Bethany

50's Dance

With Erika, Miriam, and MacKenzie




WIth Joey

Chicken Whisperer!!








All stitched up!

Walking Dead party

Frolicking Friday!

With Elisabeth and the Doctor

With Ashton

Graduation body guards Loren and Tylor

Getting diploma with Daddy

With Miriam, Paige, Jackson, and Kesha on a rainy day

With Caleb and Erika at the Gillespie's Farm

They dressed up for my own birthday: Miriam, Katie, and Jasmine

Last day being 17. 

I hope you have enjoyed watching Jasmine grow up as much as I have!