Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Peek at our Sabbath

We are alone on this journey and the fellowship we have gotten has primarily been online because we live in the middle of nowhere and all our neighbors are not Torah observers. In fact, they have thought we are freaks for years! Homeschooling probably has more to do with that initially because we weren't doing anything specific from Torah except Sabbath.

On Friday, we do "Sabbath prep" work. It's not really that hard once we have gotten accustomed to making breakfast and lunch for Sabbath in advance. We don't to much more cleaning than usual but one thing I personally don't do is laundry on Friday so it gives me time to get everything done. I used to try and do a load or two and we had no dryer for a little more than a year (until recently) so sometimes we still had laundry hanging Friday night after sundown.

We have a special Friday evening meal- it's not actually Sabbath because we do it before sundown but it works for us so we can get the kitchen cleaned before Sabbath actually begins.

Sabbath morning we have muffins and boiled eggs and fruit for breakfast. We discovered it was easier than trying to do things that needed to be heated. I have a coffee pot that I can program but if I forget to program it, I just push the button in the morning. Everyone sleeps until they get up and we all eat breakfast whenever we get up. Having an almost 18 year old and a 15 year old, sometimes it seems like it will be really late, but they don't sleep any later than 10. Usually everyone is up by 9.

In the morning, we have a slow pace. We have lunch at noon and often that means company. We read Torah portion with lunch and we discuss it. We are usually done by 2. When I say we have company, it's neighborhood kids and friends, though they don't observe Torah, they like to hang out with us. They come for Sabbath because they do enjoy hearing the scripture but are not convinced that Sabbath is important. We don't want to turn anyone away who comes for scripture reading, but also it's not a free for all. We make every effort to do good to all who come across our path!

Throughout the afternoon, sometimes we go for a walk, play games, watch teachings from ministries like 119, read more scripture, discuss scripture, and nap! Supper is often leftovers from lunch or if I have made something else in another slow cooker, that works too (which recently has become unusable so I hope to get another one).

At sundown on Saturday, Sabbath is over and we wash the dishes from the day. Throughout the day, everyone puts their dishes in the sink to make it easier for whoever is washing the dishes. Right now, my husband is watching a movie with our daughters and one of their friends who is spending the night. We roasted kosher marshmallows (no pork gelatin) at sundown over candles inside. This is my first year for the fall Holidays and so we will be cooking out again tomorrow (we did on the first day but my husband had to work through the week so we have a tabernacle but didn't sleep out there because he has to get up so early). On the note of actually enjoying the Sabbath- I didn't whenever we first started. I felt like I was "wasting time" because there were so many things I could be accomplishing. I think Sabbath is about trusting YHWH with the very time HE has given us! Learning to rest in His Providence is what it's about!

It has been an amazing year observing Torah. Armed with only the Bible, we have had the holy days of YHWH this whole year. It's so different than what we have known in the years before we did all of this. I can't imagine we would go back to celebrating pagan holidays that have been the main traditions handed to us by church history. We just want to do what YHWH has said He wants His people to do, which is to follow hard after Yeshua, our Lord and Savior.... we want to walk after Him in the way He walked, and He walked perfectly in the Torah!