Saturday, May 31, 2014

What's been happening lately....

Hey dear readers! Well, I would like to share what has been happening in my life and to chronicle my own healing process.

Thing #1- My dear Jasmine got married to Jesse Schools.

 I sure do love these two and pray YHWH blesses them in Yeshua! This has been the result of many years of prayer! Not only have we prayed that YHWH would bring our daughters men who love Him first and foremost, but that He would prepare the young man to lead and protect her in the way the Bible lays out. Whenever we first really jumped in with both feet, observing Torah the way Yeshua taught us to and because Yeshua did and told us to follow Him, the girls were sure that they would NEVER meet young men who also read the Bible and wanted to do what it said. Fast forward all these years, and here came Jesse and his family. We have enjoyed so many Sabbaths, talks, and fellowship with them over these months, and YHWH showed us all that He has made someone perfect for each of these folks! He had moved us to pray, years and years ago, for the future husbands of our daughters and to teach our daughters to do their husbands good and not evil ALL the days of their lives - including the years *before* they met! Our homeschool experience has been to teach the girls to be wives that love YHWH first then whatever husband they each are brought by our Heavenly Father! So, here we are! Now, my prayer for them together has changed somewhat, but I still pray they will love YHWH in Yeshua, and love each other, and be blessed in all ways!

Thing #2- We met a lady named Francessca who is also a Torah observant believer in Yeshua, and she moved into our house on the 19th.

 There are not many of us who love Yeshua AND make every attempt to follow Him in doing Torah as well and if we don't take care of one another, we know no one else will do so!! So, here is part of her story:

Francessca was involved in an "accident." I call it that but really it was preventable as she was walking to work and through whatever negligence on the part of the driver, he hit her with his vehicle. You know, if you have been in an accident, you know how you're not really sore until later? Pretty much the same thing happened.... as in she *thought* she was OK, but really she was very injured! Fast forward and it caused her to lose her job due to not being able to walk, then month later, to lose her apartment. That was this past week. She was going to go to the homeless shelter but having heard this, knowing she was also a TO believer, we wanted to help in any way we could. So we invited her to stay here and moved her in!

#3- I have received the blessing of some colloidal silver and am trying it out. We had the Griffins over for Sabbath last week and they blessed our household with this! Honestly I had never tried it so I did. Here is my one week report on how it has affected me.

I took some and I was a little dizzy the first day or so and even my ears hurt! I have had chronic ear infections since I was a child, so I think that was what the most pressing need was at the moment. After a day or so of regularly taking it I started feeling better. In fact, this past week I have felt better than I have in years! I have noticed I need much more water than I am used to getting, but that's good really because I wasn't getting enough. By the end of the day I would often realize I hadn't gotten enough and by then it was too late! So, here I am at one week and I am feeling pretty good! I will continue on and see how things are with the fibromyalgia as well. I was told that sometimes it helps with this too! I have put in a garden in the last week and it didn't make me take to my bed so perhaps it *is* helping! I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Shema and Yahusha. What does it all mean??

 "Sh'ma, Yisra'el! YHWH Eloheinu, YHWH echad [Hear, Isra'el! YHWH our God, YHWH is one]; and you are to love YHWH your God with all your heart, all your being and all your resources. (CJB) Deut. 6: 4-5

 "Hear, O Israel: The YHWH our God, the YHWH is one. You shall love the YHWH your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might (ESV) Deut. 6: 4-5

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things came to be through him, and without him nothing made had being. (CJB) John 1:1-3

 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. (CJB) Gen. 1: 1-3

This morning I was thinking about this. How do people know Yahushua (Hebrew for YHWH saves or YHWH's Salvation)/ Yeshua at all? Reading the Bible? Listening to other people talk about their idea of him? Let me tell you my story.

When I was in the Christian church, my own understanding was largely fleshly. As the "Son" of course I thought of him in the way sons are- flesh of their Father's creation, but I never thought of what "the word made flesh" meant. It was cliche, a byword, like the term "died for your sins" has become. No one thinks about either of those with much depth because the preachers tell us all what things mean and that is all there is. Well, not really but that's how I thought for a long time. Then I read the Bible for myself again. About a dozen years ago I read it aloud to my children each night at bedtime. I read with church-glasses on so I *did* hear some new things but I dismissed the things I did not understand or thought of the "old testament" as stories and that was it. My husband read the Bible with new eyes around the same time. He didn't have "church glasses" like I did so he read, learned, took it to heart, and started our family on following what the Bible said. Then we went to church. It was a disaster. He learned church stuff, to thin in church ways, things that completely were contrary to what scripture said. So we stopped reading the Bible ourselves and just listened to the preachers. Then my husband would read the Bible again and we would study at home and after discovering the church's ways were not at all Biblical, we finally quit and stayed home, studying on and off for years. In the meantime we were resting on Sabbath, but in our own way, without real regard for what the scripture said to do or rather not do on the Sabbath. Last year, our family had a life altering experience: my husband was fired from his job, accused of theft by his former employer, and largely judged in the public eye as guilty without any proof by those folks. We lost friends and gained a few very faithful friends too! We dove back into scripture study, and went back to a Christian church at the same time. It has always been my thinking that we *needed to go to church* as it was *the right thing to do* so it has been my own thoughts about what it means to be a believer that has led us in this back and forth tug'o war! Last year, after all this mess started, I gave in and just decided to do whatever my husband said to do as far as the church/ study scripture thing. We still went for fellowship, but the more we studied scripture at home, the more we realized that what we were doing with the church was actually anti-Messiah. Were we killing people? No. It was not anything obvious to anyone who would have looked at our lives. We were worshiping YHWH 1-on the venerable day of the sun as proclaimed by the anti-Messiah Constantine and the like and 2-in the ways the pagans (the Hebrew word for pagan is goy, which is also translated as gentile- a term largely misunderstood) do. It is part of the great deception of mankind- that what we have been taught- what we have believed- is really against YHWH. So, what does this have to do with the Shema? What the heck is a shema anyway? And what all does this have to do with understanding the Messiah as written in the "new testament" anyway? I'm so glad you asked. Shema is a term that means listen. As above, you see in Deuteronomy 6, it's used for "Listen to this" or "Hey, hear what I am saying!" It reminds me of talking to my children when I know they were playing instead of listening. So, if YHWH was very serious about telling us to listen up then tells us that YHWH is the one and only God there is it we can understand the Son of YHWH, Yahushua/ Yeshua? How can he be God as well? Is He God? He told us not to worship him and that there was none good but the Father. So, where did Yahushua come from? The concept of spoken words putting on flesh is so foreign to us as our words don't do that. Or do they? We are judged for everything 1-done in the flesh and 2-every idle word we speak. So, words have meaning deeper than what we can see with our own eyes. So, what *is* the Word of YHWH? It is the WHOLE Bible. It is not "red letters" only. It is not "new testament" and to disregard what is called the "old" testament. It is EVERYTHING!!! It has just been this past year that we have dived in with both feet and it doesn't look anything like what church looks like to me. Some folks accuse us of being "Jewish" or denying Yahushua/ Yeshua, but we are just beginning to understand Him as He is the very words from Genesis 1:1 all the way to the end of Revelations that most churches say are not really important (until you get to Matthew). So, if you, like I did, think that what comes before Matthew is only a bunch of stories or only just history, you would do well to try and think of the book as a whole AND of Yahushua/ Yeshua as the "old" testament wearing skin!! There is no understanding Him, what things He said or did, or the expectations He has until you read the front of the book seriously, like your life depends on it, because it does!! It will be just like starting over, because you have to start over, forget everything you thought you knew as truth, and read with open eyes. There is only ONE God and He is YHWH. His Word (the entire "old testament" if you will) put on a body of flesh, lived as a man, walked completely perfectly as Torah (instructions/ law) tells us to, then took every punishment from said Torah in our place. The Torah is alive and well! Do not be like I was and believe the lies because you have always heard them! Investigate without having an idea of what you are looking for.... without preconceived notions....and you will come away with the TRUTH - and it will stand bare before you and you can choose to either 1-believe the lies you have learned from man or 2-accept the TRUTH, that there is only ONE God, His Word (Torah, Prophets, etc...) is our Salvation as He (YHWH's Word) has put on Flesh at having been sent by YHWH to actually BE our salvation.... to save us from what? The wrath of YHWH for lawbreaking (sin). We are to love YHWH with all that we are just as Yahushua/ Yeshua came and showed us! Beloved!! Do not be stubborn and just stay with the ways you have been taught! Look into the TRUTH and the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) will teach you! Do not look to man for answers, because guess what? We are all mankind and all in the same boat and no one can teach you the TRUTH except He who gives us the TRUTH- YHWH Himself! Shabbat Shalom beloveds! Praise YHWH for His goodness to us!