Friday, June 15, 2012

This week

This week has been trying for me. I started working as a knitting lady at the bookstore. I was clocked in about 10 minutes when something urgent needed my attention at home. I rushed home to take care of it, and took my littlest one to the ER for an X-ray. Yes, it was that urgent. Nothing was broken, so I went to work Monday. Sales were pretty god for a Monday from what I understand.

Tuesday morning, the little one was still hurting pretty bad, but she has always seemed to have problems with her joints. I made an appointment for the next morning to see the doctor about the problems with her joints. Tuesday afternoon we got a call from the allergy doctor about a check up for our eldest girl. I am so thankful that they make those reminder calls. I didn't have that written down anywhere, but I'm pretty sure it was on a card somewhere in the office before all of that got moved into boxes. So, this pretty much schedules my entire Wednesday. My Honey is off Wednesday and Thursday (or Tuesday and Wednesday), so he takes a Sabbath rest on Wednesday. In between doctor visits, I make sure we cook for him. The first doctor was only about 20 minutes away. The afternoon appointment was about 45 minutes away.

By Wednesday afternoon, my dear eldest girl and I were both tired from the trip, the long, hot wait in the doctor's waiting room, and the only ten minute visit with the doctor. We decided smoothies from Panera was necessary to help us cool off. On and off this whole day, I had this weird feeling in my hip- like it needed to pop, causing the lower part of my leg to sometimes feel a little tingly and heavier than it really is. I'm pretty sure I had not done anything unusual, so I just ignored it all day. Once we finally made it home (to a lovely dinner cooked by my little one) I noticed my hip actually was hurting. Driving isn't really that hard of an activity, but spending the day sitting in a car is. Sitting always wears me out. I realize how stupid that sounds, but I just feel so stiff and sometimes sore after sitting- even through a movie! My Honey has complained because I always get up and find things to do but really other than tired feet, moving makes me feel better. Anyway, the evening progressed and so did my pain. I'm not sure I slept more than a few hours. Every time I moved it hurt.

Thursday morning I woke up and could not roll over due to pain! What an unusual thing to have happen- but not for me. I hurt myself in the most random and stupid ways. I'm not sure it's actually an injury because I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to cause it. I feel more like I've been tackled or something similar. Thank the Lord that my Honey was home on Thursday to help me get around a little. Mostly he was here to make me stop trying to do stuff around the house. Well, it hurt so bad I didn't really want to move off the couch! I slept some last night, but not much. Sadly I missed having dinner with my little Brother's Girlfriend, who was up for business. She stopped by to see my folks and tell them I was hurt. My Dad called me to find out if I was alright. I told him the reason I didn't tell them is because I felt stupid hurting myself while sleeping (which really isn't all that uncommon for me) and that I should be alright in a few days. If it had been anything important, I would have called them.

My Honey is at work today, and running my errands that I should have done yesterday. I talked to my Dad more today about my hip feeling out of joint. He said he does that too, but he always thought it was some sort of overuse injury. We'll see what happens. I need to be at work Sunday and Monday, but who knows if I am still going to be on crutches then? Whenever I am hurting I think to myself, "maybe it's time I see a doctor." Then I wait and start thinking of the costs involved: money, time, sometimes misdiagnosis leading to damage to health, etc.... I do not trust doctors for the most part. I know, big surprise, huh? I'm pretty sure whatever is wrong with me will resolve itself in time (well, I hope it will) and that if I were to go to the doctor, "nothing" would be wrong with me. Or that they would tell me what I told them, only in Latin and tell me to do what I'm already doing- sitting around, staying off it, but they would add to take a pain killer, then see an orthopedist if it still hurts next week. That's already part of my plan- sit around, rub some clove oil ladened coconut oil on the site of the pain (think bengay without nsaids or the side effects, plus I get to smell nice), possibly take some arnica (pain reliever) this evening so I can sleep, sleep on the couch so my Honey can get some sleep too (because I toss and turn keeping him awake), and wait and see if I can walk by some later date- maybe Tuesday.

I can say this has been good for my girls. They always step up and take responsibility whenever I cannot do something due to pain or being at work. They have been wonderful to me!  There are some things I am not asking them to do- they don't have to paint the office. They also do not have to organize my kitchen now that the washer and dryer are in there. I will do it eventually. Or I will sit and tell them where I think each thing will go and they will put it there and I will never remember where it is. :) I also haven't asked them to plant anymore of the garden without me. It's not backbreaking, but it's not the easiest job. It involves pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirt and chicken manure up a hill and across a dirt road. Even though I'm sure they are capable, I still think I like that job (along with weed eating around the place). Fortunately we have a great neighbor who cuts our grass currently.

Well, that has been my week. I love how the Lord sees our plans and says "I have something better for you." I'm trying to see what that "better" is. I'm sure there is a lesson I can learn- there always is.

I'll leave you with a picture that has nothing to do with anything:

My baby girl discovered candy corn is knead-able and really looks gross. We didn't eat it.